Breaking Bad



The boy and I are obsessed with Walter White right now. This addiction started over the weekend and has continued into the week. It is so tense! It’s constant will someone die, will they caught hi-jinx (love that word). Plus it’s Hal from Malcom in the Middle! Crazy!

We are almost finished season two and I keep having to stop myself from reading all the articles around at the moment how great season five is.. Need to resist the temptation. I always do this annoying thing where I research shows to find out what happens. NOT THIS TIME. I swear. Well, we’ll see.


Small things


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Small things that have made me smile lately.

I have been searching desperately for a collar necklace just like this. On the weekend while shopping with Mum, I found it in Sportsgirl. You can buy it here.

Cadbury Mini Drops were 2 for $6 in Woolies. I was sold.

Ok I am not one for acrylics. I hate them. I tried them once when I was 14, at the time I was working as a check-out chick and they flung off AT A CUSTOMER’S FACE! It was horrible. So were the nails. Anyway, getting past my bogan past. My mum got one of those Priceline packs and gave me these fake nails that have a zebra / glitter print on them. It’s not as bad as it sounds! I put them on and trimmed them so they resembled normal nails. Except when I was shopping this check out chick with acrylics said she liked my acrylics. The circle of life right there. They are off now, probably for good, but were fun while they lasted.

Exploding Chocolate Shot from Max Brenner. Yes I went back again, more than once over the weekend! My Mum convinced me to get this and I do not regret it. I’m realising I’m sounding very defensive about my Max Brenner visits. I think it is because everyone at work started to say I go too often. It’s like my crack.


Ms G’s


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I have been to Ms G’s before with some friends, but never with the boy. When we were at home on Sunday relaxing, we started watching Masterchef re-runs. It used to be our thing to watch Masterchef, but with his new job he hasn’t been home to watch (well, mock – seriously how many times does that Emma girl need to cry?) it with me. We got to the episode where they had the Chef from Ms G’s on in a challenge, and the boy decided what he wanted for lunch.

Food was amazing, same as last time. However, I’m not sure what this says about me, but I love the mini burgers and cocktails in EasyWay style cups. I could seriously go there and have just that. This time I was pretending to be a grown up and got a proper meal as well.

Green tea cocktail. Really, really good.

So good, I got another one. This is full of raspberry goodness, not sure what else was in it though.

THE MINI BURGERS! Love. They were pork belly and as yummy as they are cute.

The main: Braised Wagyu beef shin, Taiwanese style, green tomatoes and thai basil. Very nice indeed.

Definitely check out Ms G‘s if you are in the cross. Although, it might be a good idea to book. Even on a Sunday they only had one table free (near the door, so I had to wear a coat the whole time, our fault though for being lax about booking).

The longest week


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So as the title alludes to, it has been an extremely long week. The boy started a new job, and he has been working crazy hours. So crazy, I’ve almost forgotten what he looks like, well almost. I’ve also had a busy week at work, so I’m extremely happy that I can relax and watch some Snog Mary Avoid tonight.

Some pics from my week. To be honest, it is mostly from today when I remembered I hadn’t captured anything from the week so far!

My J Brands arrived! Hurray! I had a pair of J Brand Powerstretchs, however they weren’t quite right. I tried this new pair, Super Skinny Mid Rise, in David Jones and loved them. I’ve come to the conclusion I need a mid rise, and that low rise is never going to work on me, or feel comfortable!

I found out that you can buy Kinder Surprise chocolate in little cute bars! Needless to say, I have eaten my weight of these little goodies this week.

The jeans! Very happy girl.

Another pic of the jeans. Pardon the messy bedroom – it’s been a busy week!

Finally, the highlight of my week. This gentlemen was dancing to Michael Jackson, complete with a glitter glove on his hand, out the front of Woolies on George St. I wish I got a better picture.

Max Brenner, cocktails, new stockings & Mother’s Day


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Max Brenner Chocolate Lick. My friend introduced this to me the other week, and I am now obsessed. Melted chocolate never gets old.

Max Brenner Milk Hot Chocolate with WAFFLE BALLS! Yes that’s right, waffle balls. It is so creamy and chocolatey with crunch. I’ve had two this week and I’m thinking it might become part of my routine this winter.

Rose Petal from The Victoria Room (Darlinghurst). For those taking notes, it is Beefeater Gin shaken with rose syrup and lychee juice. Had this cheeky drink before dinner on Saturday night. The boy had a Saturday off for once, so we made the most of it. We started at The Victoria Room, mostly because I had never been and heard a lot about it. We had some drinks, then dinner. I got the pork belly and the boy got duck. Both were amazing. Although tiny. Hence the next photo…

So after leaving The Victoria Room, we walked two doors down to The Passage. I grabbed a Bramble and a Haloumi Slider, which really hit the spot. I love mini food.

Last, ok second last, Bramble of the night at Ivy Pool.

These are my new stockings from Myer that I wore over to the parents for Mother’s Day lunch today. I live so close to the shops, that I am able to constantly scope out the bargain bins, yes I’m proud of that. These were $3, down from $25! Love the roses.

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and spoilt their mum rotten!

My weekend; train trips, movies and even more red velvet


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I spent the majority of the weekend eating. I ate a total of four, yes four, red velvet cupcakes, a tonne of popcorn, not to mention my Lindt cafe breakfast  this morning, shortly followed by an English breakfast (minus egg).

Red velvet from the Cupcake Bakery. Amaze.

View from the train last night on my journey to Camden. I later found out I took the wrong train line, which meant the journey took over three hours from the city. I also got lost in Camden, which is laughable if you have ever been there (it’s a tiny town-like place). I ended up in this dark street, with no people or cars. I called the boy because I always feel like being on the phone to someone, in some way, protects me from being murdered. Amazing logic I know. I eventually found my way to the main road and then had a lovely night with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. We ended the night at Camden Hotel, the local nightspot, where girls dress like they are going out in the cross, not a small-town pub. The music was great though, the played the Spice Girls and a bit of Whitney so I was happy. I found the right train for my journey home, but I couldn’t help but notice the 18 year old girls wearing tiny dresses, even though it was freezing! I think I am getting old. I believe I used to do the same thing, but these girls didn’t even appear to have a vodka blanket to protect them from the cold.

Found Wally on Pitt St.

I spent the majority of Sunday wrapped up in a nest of doonas, or duvets as the boyfriend calls it (him and his weird English tendencies), watching movies and eating lots of popcorn. I swear I don’t have a limit with popcorn, I have been known to eat the large bucket at the movies all by myself. I don’t think I should be proud of that!

Is anyone else excited MasterChef is starting tonight? I can’t wait! I love me some Gary, George & Preston.



Snog, Mary, Avoid


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I am obsessed with this show. A few weeks ago I was home on a Friday night (ok, just like tonight), while the boyfriend was at work, and I discovered it. It is a “makeunder” show where English girls who resemble Jordan, find out that the public actually think they look orange and awful. They then have to take all their makeup off and “POD” gives them a new, natural look.

It is seriously amazing. The girls wear so much fake tan, it is ridiculous. When I was in the UK last year I did see some of this kind of getup when I was out. However this show is extreme. An episode I wached, a girl wore a gstring out, for a night out, that’s it! I haven’t seen that in Sydney yet.

What I love about this show, apart from the hours of mocking material, is the actual makeunder. The girls are generally stunning without the layers and layers of tan and makeup. Damn them and their English skin.

It has also made me paranoid about fake tan and makeup. When I was younger I did wear far too much fake tan. I think fake tan and makeup is a security blanket when you are unsure about yourself.. Although I do still wear fake tan, I don’t wear nearly as much, and I often don’t wear it at all during the week, mostly cos I’m lazy.

If you haven’t watched the show. DO IT NOW! It may or may not be on YouTube, and I may or may not have watched those videos for a few hours last Saturday morning.





Since I Left You


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Since I Left You

A few months ago, someone told me about this adorable small bar in the middle of the city. When she told me that it is in a courtyard / alley and that they made cute drinks, with table service, I was sold.

Since I Left You would be the most amazing place for a second or third date. Unlike other small bars in Sydney, that are all about the array of bottles behind the bar, Since I Left You is all about having a lovely night and enjoying other people’s company.

The photo is of a Southside. Bartender told the boy he made a killer Southside, it was ok. However, I think if I went back I would go for wine over cocktails, as they don’t have the biggest selection of spirits and couldn’t make my (now) beloved Bramble due to a lack of creme to mure.

The big draw card for me was the courtyard which is this space between these inner city buildings. They only have four tables out there, which is great because you don’t get that claustrophobic feeling that sometimes goes hand-in-hand with small bars. However, I think from a business perspective, they should utilise the space a bit more.

Overall, it’s a great place to have a few drinks, while actually being able to hear what the other person is saying.

If you want to check it out for drinks after work it is at 338 Kent Street, Sydney, 2000.

Hand-warmers, cupcakes and Peter Alexander


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Adorable hand-warmers from Sussan. I thought they would make a great Mother’s Day gift, but I’m now thinking of buying a pair for myself!

Red velvet cupcakes. Nuff said. Apologies for not getting a photo of the actual cupcake, it was eaten approx 10 seconds after this photo was taken.

Best PJ’s ever! They have leg-warmers at the bottom of each leg! I love how they stop the bit I hate about wearing PJ pants, you know, when the leg rolls up during the night and then you get cold ankles / feet. Hate. Bonus points for the leopard print. I nabbed these from Peter Alexander a few months back but they have similar styles here.


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